Our Story

From a young age, growing up in Poole, Dorset, I have always loved nature and have been lucky enough to live so close to some beautiful parts of the UK.

Spending days and evenings on our golden beaches in Poole & Bournemouth, exploring the stunning views of the Jurassic coast- Durdle door, lulworth cove & old harry rocks were some favourites. And the peaceful serenity of the New Forest was always a welcomed day out as a child.


Moving forward to my adult years, and the excitement of visiting these same places is still there, and probably even more so appreciated now. As a kid it’s a fun day out, but as an adult, I find myself even more amazed and intrigued by the scenery.

The huge, old trees in the new forest that have stood for so long, the ever changing Jurassic coast and the beauty in our award winning shores.

So why NewShore?

I’m a creative person, so I wanted to create a brand that would encompass my love of nature, but still appeal to people who may not have any interest in nature, although I’m sure that every person has a love for nature in some way.

I wanted to represent some of the best nature spots in Dorset, Hampshire & Britain with a brand that looks good and allows people to take a piece of nature with them.

The name NewShore came to me whilst on a walk with my family in the New Forest. I had this idea, but not a name yet. But after some ideas, I came up with NewShore the “New” taken from the new forest, and the “Shore” being taken from the shores of our beaches & Jurassic coast.

I decided to focus primarily on watches as they’re an accessory I’ve always enjoyed and admired the look of- and found myself relying on them more & more as I got older- time moves fast! After looking into wooden watches and seeing how versatile and great they look, I knew this was the area I wanted to explore more of.

The sunglasses and hats came along as I wanted some items that would compliment the watches wooden style and still look great. After doing some research and seeing the wooden sunglasses & hats with cork wood peaks were a possibility, and how awesome they looked, I was sold!

So that’s the basic story of NewShore Watch Co. It’s going to be a long and exciting journey!

We want to represent the south coasts beautiful natural areas, but also appreciating all nature that Britain has to offer.

We want you to feel closer to nature, whether you’re into camping, hiking, walking, surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, nature photography, or just relaxing and feeling good.

We want you to take some time, and appreciate the nature around you.

Rob- founder of NewShore Watch Co